Maximum Performance Training 
& Farrier Services

to Happi Ranch


-All numbers listed are subject to change depending on specific requirements and or training/unhandled/trying trims. Please call for specific Quote.

-Please contact for pricing on special shoeings, corrective shoeing, and teeth floating quotes.

-Ranch Call fee applies to all clients, fee correlates to distance traveled.

-Servicing from Oak Hills to Newberry Springs, as far north as Ft. Irwin.

Starting Prices:

Trim- $45 Average Horse, Draft surcharge applicable

         $25 Mini

Half Shoe- $90

Full Shoe- $100

Training/Boarding Services


Semi-retirement stalls- $350 (rotated/shared large turnouts with sheltered stalls) 

Partial Board- $150, owner provides feed, stables feeds and cleans stalls

Half Board- $250, includes hay, feeding, watering, turnout, will feed grain if grain is provided by owner. Owner mucks stalls, If owner fails to muck stalls owner is billed for full board. Available in 12x24 and 24x24 stalls.

Full Board- $300, includes feed, feeding, watering, turnout, mucking, will feed grain if grain provided. stalls cleaned daily. 24x24 and 12x24 stalls.

*Multiple Horse Discount -$50 per horse

*Horses in Training get full board at the price of half board.

*Inquire for boarding contract for full schedule of rates


Training Fees are based on training needs and range from $300-$750,   Board is not included in this price, refer to board rate schedule. For a specific quote we recommend owners bring the horse to the ranch for 2 weeks for an evaluation, evaluation cost is $200. After the 2 week evaluation owners can be given a more specific rate for training at a monthly rate.

We specialize in performance horses and all-around horsemanship, but we can specify training to fit the client's needs or goals for their equine partners. 

Consignments- Consignments are based on owner and horse, but normal charge is 10-20% commission depending on the services rendered. Trades welcomed instead of commission.

             Photo Credit: PFC Samuel Ranney

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