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"Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars."

Stargazers Horse Archers was started Spring of 2018. When Shelby Thatcher, who hails from Lucerne Valley, CA, decided she needed an official introduction to horseback archery after months of being self-taught, she flew out horseback archer and clinician Elizabeth Gonzalez-Tinnan. She searched the deserts for like minded athletes who wanted to pursue horseback archery. After the clinic Stargazers Horse Archers was born. 

Practice Information

Stargazers Horse Archers Club meets the first Sunday of every month at Happi Ranch near Barstow, CA. Updated practices dates are always posted on the club's Facebook group. Practices Start between 9 and 10 AM. 

This is a relaxed atmosphere and drama free zone. Riders show up and warm up their arms, then we saddle up and begin shooting. 

We allow all ages, as long as they can follow directions. 

This is a safe environment for young horses to learn and gain experience and confidence in horseback archery. Stallions are allowed as long as they are well mannered. If any incidents occur, owner is liable for their horse's behavior and will be asked to remove the horse for everyone's and the horse and owner's safety.

Helmets are not required but a good idea. 

We use traditional recurve bows, horse archery length. The club has some equipment that we lend out in practices which is covered by practice fees. Practice Fees also cover replacement targets, equipment, and facility maintenance/improvements. 

In the Horseback Archery Equipment Tab are various links to general horseback archery equipment that are beginner friendly and affordable.

Archers must pay an annual club fee of $35 which helps cover club insurance. Your first practice is free. 

Archers must obtain a Mounted Archery Association of the Americas Membership via the MA3 website, also in a link under the Stargazer Tab. 

Archers have a $25 practice fee, which covers costs mentioned above. 

Horses may be rented and fees associated with rental are through the horse's owner. We like to share but you are not required to share your personal horse. It does give everyone, whether they don't own a horse, aren't confident on their own horse, or their horse cannot partake, the ability to participate.

Warm-up arena and round pens available. There is never any rush in preparing your horse for horseback archery, so this is a good environment to work on yourself, your horse, and your trust in each other.

Club Leader Shelby Thatcher can be reached at (760)488-3703 or message on FB.

Riding Vash the Stampede.

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