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Our Ranch

The ranch is located on nearly 20 acres  in between Barstow and Victorville, CA (Hodge).

There is a large 190x 290 outdoor arena with roping chute, boxes, and live cattle also available for practice (check for practice dates and times). Two Large round pens are located on the east end of the property near a public tack room, and a wash rack at the north end of the tack area. A Buford roping dummy, heel-o-matic, barrels, and poles are available along with several other varieties of roping dummies for practice. A Large warm-up area is located near the steer pens and pasture. All areas are equipped with lights for evening workouts or practice. We will also be hosting practices for Horseback Archery, for information please contact Shelby Thatcher. Lease and lesson horses available. There are miles of trail right off the property and a riverbed located nearby with lots of vegetation, mountains to the North for the more adventurous riders. Instructors are available on the premises. It's Always happy and Happy Ranch! and it's always a holiday at the Holliday's!

Our Team

When there's a strong team theres a "Happi" Ranch, and this family is all about making horsemanship a happy experience.

Terry Holliday

Having taught for 17 years at public schools, Terry loves teaching and the relationship of student and horse. Horses have always been his passion and now he enjoys working with them exclusively and their horsemen.

Taryn Holliday

Raised around the horses for her entire life, Taryn naturally leans towards wanting to work with them. Whether they are a few months old or has had a rough training history, she will never turn one away.

Tash Holliday

Tash is extremely patient, understanding, and personable. There is not an unsocialized horse that would decline a work session with him after learning to love being in humans presence, which Tash is great at teaching.

Cherisess Holliday

Ranch Manager/Trainer/Exerciser
Cherisess' family raised market cattle, she however did not get consistent with horse training until the last 10 years and loves instructing and working with young green horses. She loves the crucial,  technical impressionable years of a horse's life.

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